The Global Grid Twitter Chat: City Branding and Place Making

If you are interested in learning more about City Branding and Place Making

#join The Global Grid Twitter Chat using the # - #TheGlobalGrid
Wednesday, 21st February @ 9pm (Zürich time)

Who will be involved:

The Institute of Place Management (IPM), with Louise Platt (Research Fellow at IPM) leading the conversation, and panel members:
      Malcolm Allan (PlaceMatters);
·         Eduardo Oliveira (Postdoc at WSL-Zürich);
·         Thorsten Kausch (Thorsten Kausch – Cities. Brands. Impulses)
·         The Global Grid team

We will be discussing:

·         The most successful city brands around the world;

·         City brands and diversity;

·         City brand development processes;

·         The pre-requisites of a successful city branding process;

·         A framework for place making projects that bypasses community participation;

·         The influence of city branding processes on urban policies.

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