Post doctoral researcher project Branding as new governance tool (1,0 FTE, 4 years)

At the department of Public Administration and Sociology  there is a vacancy for a post doc working on the field of new forms of governance especially branding in governance processes. The post doc will be employed for 4 years and be financed by two grants. First of all through a grant in the Vital Cities program of the Erasmus University and secondly additional founding will be secured through the EU funded research project Tropico. International research activities (possibly case studies but maybe also other research activities like experiments) are very likely to be part of the research.
Participating in two projects
Within the vital cities project the post doc will work on the theme branding as new governance tool to include citizens to tackle social problems. Brands, especially when created and sustained interactively, can create identity and a sense of belonging but also motivate other actors to co-operate in tackling social problems. In this research we explore the possibilities of branding for creating identity, enhancing participation and strengthening resilience by several research methods :
-  case studies to explore the participation effect of branding
-  Experiments to test the identity forming of branding
-  Q sort research to test stakeholders perceptions on branding.
Valorization is secured by reaching out to the municipality of Rotterdam and connecting it to the new Faculty’s incubator GovernEUR.
The EU (2020) TROPICO project (Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments) aims to comparatively examine how public administrations are transformed to enhance collaboration in policy design and service delivery, advancing the participation of public, private and societal actors. It analyses collaboration in and by governments, with a special emphasis on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), and its consequences. The post doc will especially work on the work packages that are aimed at Public Private Partnerships and democratic legitimacy (case studies and Qualitative Comparative analysis will be employed).
The post doc will work closely with other researchers on the two projects and be part of a larger research team that jointly works on research and research outputs. For the TROPICO research the post doc will cooperate with various researchers in other countries.
Finally, the postdoc will assist in teaching for the master programme.

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