9 June 2017

Place branding in strategic spatial planning: an analysis at the regional scale with special reference to Northern Portugal

Ph.D. thesis main research question applied to the case study:

A region branding strategy for northern Portugal might (and eventually should) be developed in line with the strategic spatial planning document in force - that is - Northern Portugal Strategic Guidelines 2014-2020. This is the main strategic planning document that establishes ten planninggoals/ priority axes aimed at improving the socio-spatial and spatial economic condition of northern Portugal. 

Taking region branding as an instrument it the Northern Portugal Strategic Guidelines would contribute to re-imagining and re-positioning the region in those ten goals. As the planning document is the result of a thorough participatory process it represents the communities needs and would generate legitimacy for a region brand. 

Resources will be economised and an integrative spatial development would be reached. As the Strategic Guidelines 2014-2020 is essential to apply for EU funding – region branding could be fuelled with capital to contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals identified.