Seeking 21st century Hospital Design? by Mohammed Shokry Abdelaal

Along the past year, I was working on a research project to find some indicators for measuring the efficiency of the old Islamic healthcare facilities "Bimaristan" from the contemporary perspective.I searched for the most advanced and recent trends of designing healthcare facilities: Planetree, Evidence-Based Design(EBD), Lean Design and more.
Whenever I start testing a historical Bimaristan against these parameters, I discover that it exceeded these recently invented standards.No wonders, our former Muslim architects "Mo'alems" were masterminds!
When I started tracking the evolution of designing healthcare facilities in the Western world through history. It stunned me that European hospitals were using Islamic Bimaristans as role models to follow till the end of 19th century.
The design techniques started to split away from their original "wheel" after the booming of the industrial revolution.Since then, the dull, gloomy and overcasted types of so-called "modern hospitals" emerged in Europe and North America.
Briefly speaking, the design of healthcare facilities missed its original wheel since the drastic withdrawal of its original "Wheel", the Bimaristan.

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