International Symposium of Ecologists – ISEM

International Symposium of Ecologists – ISEM is, now for a period of 15 years, bi-annual platform for interactions between the researchers who are dealing with the subjects of fundamental and applied ecology.
Participants at the upcoming ISEM7 conference will debate about the issues of the modern ecology and environmental science of the recent times.
Channels of communication between the researchers this October in Sutomore at the ISEM7 will cover the following thematic areas: Biodiversity Research & Conservation, Fundamental and Applied Ecology, Sustainable Development & Planning, Forestry and Agroecology, Ecological Education, Eco-Eco interactions discussing the ecological and economic aspects, and finally the policy issues and related ecological – environmental regulations.
The program will include invited and plenary lectures that will be presented by well-known Experts with the professional backgrounds of the listed research areas. Out of the Conference Research Presentations, the Organizers will arrange also exhibition/s of drawings, photos, but will also present interesting collections of research and promotional material.
Finally, the Organizers of the ISEM7 are very well aware that the complete success of operation of such events is also depending on effective relaxed social and professional interactions. In relation to that you may find in the Conference Schedule the time reserved for the social events, such as Joint dinners including the dancing party, as well as the visit of the attractive neighborhood next to the coast of the always sunny and blue Adriatic Sea and the Skadar Lake.
And to conclude with the testimonial of R. A. Baker from the previous ISEM Conference:
These meetings have been marked by their friendliness and informality, in addition to providing a platform for the exchange of information. They have also been international (not the “international participation” often advertised) with a good mix of people from all over the world, all of whom seemed to have got on well together”.
We wish you welcome, excited and eagerly looking forward to see you soon,
Professor Vladimir PESIC, Conference General Chair
On behalf of the good team of the 7th International Symposium of Ecologists – ISEM7

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