History of the Book, Textual Studies, Print Culture, Sociology of the Text

History of the Book, Textual Studies, Print Culture, Sociology of the Text

all these names have been used to describe an international academic movement that rose to prominence in the late twentieth century and continues to expand today. Book History creates and applies knowledge of the material, cultural, and theoretical aspects of the book, including manuscript, print, and digital media, along with associated practices of authorship, reading and collecting, within different disciplines in the humanities and information sciences. 

The field found an early home at the University of Toronto with the launch in 1994 of the Toronto Centre for the Book (TCB), which is now the public lecture series of the Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture (BHPC). 

The Collaborative Program admitted its first cohort of graduate students in September 2000, and now has a flourishing network of alumni in academia, library and information sciences, publishing and related fields in Canada and around the world. 

An exhibition to celebrate the founding of BHPC was held in 2001 at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library; selected pages from the catalogue are available online here.

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