3 February 2017

Book Review: Human smart cities – Rethinking the interplay between design and planning

Grazia Concilio and Francesca Rizzo, Human smart cities – Rethinking the interplay between design
and planning. Urban and landscape perspectives, Springer: Cham, Switzerland, 2016; 255 pp. ISBN
978-3-319-33022-8, »86.00 (hardcover)

Reviewed by: Eduardo Oliveira, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Switzerland

I began this review by typing ‘smart city’ into a popular search engine. I received an impressive number of approximately 32 million entry results, some of which were definitions, while others were links to urban regions that are currently developing the multiple vectors that urban smartness entails. The ‘smart city’ is to many spatial planners and place managers yet another catchphrase that has outlived its usefulness.


Special issue in European Planning Studies Spatial planning and place branding: rethinking relations and synergies

Introduction:  Kristof Van Assche, Raoul Beunen and Eduardo Oliveira  Rethinking planning-branding relations: an introduction . https:...