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Oliveira, E. (2016) Conference report-Building Bridges: Cities and Regions in a Transnational World 2016 Regional Studies Association, annual conference, Graz, Austria, 3–6 April 2016, Town Planning Review, 87(4), pp. 481-486.

coping with regional governance in European urban regions


Workshop: Complexity and the urban environment: cities as complex socio-ecological systems

Workshop on Landscape ecology, CONCUR projectEngler Saal, 09:00-15:15, WSL
CH-8903 Birmensdorf, Zurich
Complexity theory has been considered to have the potential to bridge the natural and the social sciences. This workshop will specifically examine how complexity can be applied to cities. How can we theoretically approach and empirically analyse cities as complex socio-ecological systems? Key experts in this research field will present and discuss the theoretical frameworks and some of the applications of complexity to urban studies. Prof. Dr. Hemeritus David Byrne (University of Durham, UK) is a leading sociologist and will introduce the issue of complexity and urban studies. Prof. Dr. Lasse Gerrits (University of Bamberg, DE) is also a sociologist and will focus on the concept of trajectory and how it can help us to unveil urban transformation processes. Prof. Dr. Juval Portugali (University of Tel Aviv, IL) is a urban planner and huma…

Paul Jenkins: 'Understanding urbanisation, urbanism and urbanity in Afri...


Spatial Planning Graduate Network Forum 2012 - John O'Hara