27 May 2016

Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability, 6-7 October 2016 in Dresden, Germany

Event details

This call invites papers for the first conference of the new Regional Studies Association (RSA) Research Network on ‘Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability’. The conference focuses in particular on ‘experimental smartness’ with the aim of exploring practical examples of how ‘smartness’ is approached by both policy makers and academia. This choice of focus addresses one of the primary aims of the RSA Network – to investigate meaning and practice of ‘smartness’ in city-regional governance. For this purpose, the notion of ‘smartness’ is understood here as revolving around finding a preferred balance between the competing quests for urban international competitiveness, national economic development, societal and territorial cohesion as well as environmental protection and addressing climate change.
Submission of Abstracts
Abstracts should be around 300 words long and submitted by the deadline of 5 June 2016 via the conference website.
Please see the Call for Papers for more details. 

Dresden, Germany