7 April 2016

Linking strategic spatial planning and land-use change

CONCUR linking strategic spatial planning and land-use change.

Funded by a five-year research grant (2016-2021) from the Swiss National Science Foundation, the project intends to complement land-change models, typically aiming at generality, with context-specific data on spatial planning and policy. The research project combines geography, urban planning and sociology, and is located at the Swiss Research Institute (WSL) in Birmensdorf, Zurich.

In the next two years, the CONCUR project will deal with the following tasks:

(A) Measurement of the spatial information contained in strategic spatial plans (cartographic representations, spatial policy visualisation and measurement)

(B) Examination of the key components of regional governance arrangements in strategic spatial planning (regional governance, assessment indicators)

(C) Comparative analysis of supra-regional conditions influencing strategic spatial planning (complexity theory, trajectories of land change, qualitative comparative analysis)

The results of these three streams of research will be operationalised in a comprehensive land-change model that will be subsequently tested in three case studies (Zurich, Bucharest, and Austin, Texas) in the following three-year period (2018-2021).

More information on the project can be found at the CONCUR website, as well as more details on the Principal Investigator (Dr. Anna Hersperger), and on the tasks of the three post-docs currently employed in the project (Dr. Simona R. GradinaruDr. Eduardo Olivera and myself, Dr. Sofia Pagliarin).

We would also be happy to welcome you at our session (CfP still open!“Conceptualising and modelling spatial planning as a driver of land system change in urban regions” (T2  S27) at the Third Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Project in Beijing, China (24-27th October 2016).