7 April 2016

Increase the impact of your next article

Increase the impact of your next article
Give your next article the exposure it deserves by publishing open access in Regional Studies, Regional Science (RSRS). As a multidisciplinary journal and one of the official publications of the Regional Studies Association, you can be sure your article will have found a good home.

is a Routledge Open journal, which means your article will benefit from:
  • being freely and permanently available on our platform, which could lead to higher readershipcitations and Altmetrics
  • the widest possible dissemination - research that's discoverable by anyoneanywhere 
  • fast and efficient peer review
  • compliance with funder mandates
  • RSRS uses the creative commons licence CC-BY
  • global, cross-discipline marketing and post-publication aftercare
  • a well-connected Editorial Board
  • article-level metrics so you can measure the impact of your work
  • tiered article publishing charges (APC) dependent on length of paper
The introductory APC for accepted submissions to RSRS is
$325 / £203 / €271 for a short article and $650 / £406 / €542 for a long article, plus any applicable taxes.