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Submit your work to RSRS by Saturday to take advantage of a reduced APC (up to 75% discount) for accepted papers


- 12th November 2015: "How to run the country 6 months on" (MMU - Manchester, UK) 
- 18th-21st April 2016: "3rd Corfu Symposium on Managing and Marketing Places" Corfu, Greece 
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Call for Early Career Plenary Speakers at the RSA Annual Conference 2016 in Graz

TheRegional Studies Associationis seeking applicationsfrom Early Career Researchers(within 5 years after finishing their PhD)to present the inaugural Early Career Plenary Presentation at the RSA’s forthcoming Annual Conference 2016. For more details on the conference, please go
The RSA has a deep seated commitment to furthering and supporting the career development of students and early career researchers. Other initiatives include the Early Career Grant Scheme – grants of £10k available each year, the inclusion of early career editors on the RSA suite of journals, an early career mentored paper route to publication through the gold open access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science, hosting an early career conference, and having an active student and early career network run by the members in those categories.
Applications take the form of a 400 word abstract for the pre…

PhD Thesis preface: Place branding in strategic spatial planning

This Ph.D. thesis brings together the strategic spatial planning approach and place branding, specifically at the regional scale. It critically explores the actual or potential roles of place branding as an instrument for the attainment of strategic spatial planning goals. This discussion is gaining particular momentum at a time when the application of branding techniques and principles to places, such as cities and regions, has been firmly positioned on the agendas of local and regional governments. Place managers and policy-makers have been embracing place branding as a panacea for a bewildering assortment of deep-seated economic and social ailments, as well asa critical component to assist regional development strategies. However, and in spite of theoretical and empirical advancements, the debate on place branding often lacks any intellectual grounding or even positioning within wider spatial planning strategies, and is ripe for a rethinking in terms of its origins, theoretical und…

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7 Subtle Yet Powerful Ways to Build Stronger B2B Relationships

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7 Subtle Yet Powerful Ways to Build Stronger B2B Relationships

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habemus diploma

habemus diploma!!! 
Thanks to the editorial team of the Journal of Place Management and Development, a journal of The Institute of Place Management