23 September 2015

Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2016 - University, Graz, Austria

Call for Papers

Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2016

Building Bridges: Cities and Regions in a Transnational World‘

3rd - 6th April 2016, Karl-Franzen- University, Graz, Austria

Registration open

Throughout history, cities and regions have been cornerstones of economic, social and cultural institution building and centres of communication and trade across borders of empires and nations. In a globalised world dominated by multi-level governance and declining economic and political significance of the nation-state, cities and regions are becoming ever more so important in building bridges across nations, supra-national unions, and even continents.
These challenges surpass the usual aspects of integration: it is not sufficient to reduce barriers for the mobility of labour, goods, services and capital, to create a homogenous competitive environment, and a solid monetary system. What is needed in addition are more elements of a new regionalism, which is based on non-hierarchical relationships, on self-government, and on the creation of flexible alliances leading to interregional transnational cooperation. The development of a region is affected by its competitive and complementary relationships with other increasingly distant regions.
These relationships have to be embedded in an overall structure of relations which encompass the purely economic ones and have strong social, cultural, legal and political dimensions. The objective of the conference is to initiate an interdisciplinary dialogue about the future of a transnational world of urban and regional cooperation. We welcome submissions from researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in all areas of regional analysis.

Special Session’s Proposals

Besides paper presentations we also welcome Special Sessions. A Special Session could be a themed workshop or innovative forms of networking and collaboration. We are open to your ideas and happy to discuss these with you.
There are two types of Special Sessions:
Open Sessionthe session organiser proposes the topic and provides a short description for a special session. Delegates can submit their abstracts for this session when they register for the conference.
Closed Sessionthe session organiser proposes the complete session including all speakers. Other delegates cannot submit their abstracts for this session. Both sessions are open to all delegates to attend as audience.

General Call for Papers

We welcome papers that address any of the following conference themes:

Austerity (Risk and Resilience)
Socio-Spatial inequalities, Aging, Knowledge Exchange,  Demography and Wellbeing
Urban and Regional Sustainability
Innovation, Agglomeration, Evolution
Leadership and Governance
Clusters, Competence Centres, Smart Specialisation and Global Production
Geo Economy and Geo Politics
Local and Regional Economic Development and Planning
City Region Building and Metropolitics
Identity, Citizenship and Lived Differences
Territorial Politics, Metropolitics and Federalism
Cohesion, Competition and Smart Cities
Urban and Regional Theory, Methodology and Data
Infrastructures and Built Environment
Developing Area Studies
Smart Rural Areas and Peri Urban Areas
Health and Wellbeing/Health Economics
Spa Tourism/Music Tourism/ Sports Tourism/Film Tourism
Climate Change, Sustainability and Mitigation
Federalism, Subsidiary and the Allocation of Competences

Submission of abstracts

Please submit proposals for papers in the form of a 400-500 word abstract (text only, no pictures, graphs or tables) through the Regional Studies Association online portal by Monday 7th December 2015. Proposals will be considered by the Conference Programming Committee against the criteria of originality, interest and subject balance. For conference updates, please visit www.regionalstudies.org/conferences.

Conference Bursaries

We have conference bursaries available for this conference. For more details, go to www.regionalstudies.org/uploads/documents/Bursary_Guidelines_Graz.pdf.


Please contact Wanda Miczorek at wanda.miczorek@regionalstudies.org for further details and questions regarding abstract submission.

21 September 2015

The Regional Studies Association is seeking Early Careers to attend the RSA EC conference in Sheffield

The Regional Studies Association is seeking Early Careers to attend the RSA EC conference in Sheffield in October 2015 and still welcomes submissions of abstracts. Abstract Submission Deadline: Sunday 27th September 2015

This conference will give early career researchers the opportunity to network, collaborate and socialise with others working in regional studies and related fields and bring together participants to present and debate their work in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Participants will receive invaluable feedback, new ideas and will learn how to strategically develop and enhance their profiles for career progression. One session will focus on academic change and the job market. Editors of the RSA journals Regional Studies, Territory Politics Governance, Spatial Economic Analysis and Regional Studies, Regional Science will be present.


Date and location

  • 29th October, 2015 1:00pm - 30th October, 2015 4:00pm
  • ICOSS, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK


We welcome all submissions with a regional focus and especially those in the following areas:

  • Urban and regional policy
  • New challenges in urban planning
  • New economic geography
  • Big data and regions
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Politics and territory
  • Mega-regions and City regions
  • Regional mapping and visualisation
  • Clusters and smart specialisation
  • Labour markets and migration
  • Social and community cohesion
  • Innovation and knowledge

Conference Format
The conference will begin and end with plenary lectures. In between, parallel workshop tracks will be held, all within the ICOSS building, University of Sheffield’s city centre campus. Papers will be grouped thematically after submission. We will also hold a special ‘how to get published’ session with journal editors and devote one session to more innovative presentation formats.

Conference Fees
The conference is open to RSA members and non-members. Fees for members and non-members are shown in the table below. RSA members benefit from a lower registration fee. Non-members might wish to join the RSA to also benefit from the reduced conference fee and our membership benefits (e.g. publications, funding, networking opportunities, awards, open networks and collaborations, an expert register, reduced members' rates for RSA events, conferences and discounted publications). To find out more about membership please click here

RSA Early Career Member (Early career is defined as 5 years post PhD)
RSA Student Member (Full time Student)
RSA Individual Member
Non-member Early Career (Early career is defined as 5 years post PhD)
Non-member Student (Full time Student)
Information about the Venue
The conference venue is 300m from the nearest tram stop, which connects directly to Sheffield train station (accessible directly from most major UK cities). For international visitors, there is a direct train from Manchester Airport to Sheffield. There are many bars, restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the venue.

Conference organisers

Academic Organisers: Alasdair Rae, University of Sheffield, UK: a.j.rae@sheffield.ac.uk and Ignazio Cabras, Northumbria University, UK: ignazio.cabras@northumbria.ac.uk
RSA Organiser, Lesa Reynolds: lesa.reynolds@regionalstudies.org

Many thanks

The Regional Studies Association Team

The Regional Studies Blog: From proposal to published paper: the mentored rou...

From proposal to published paper: the mentored route to a publication in Regional Studies, Regional Science

This is a guest post by RSA Student Representative, Eduardo Oliveira. He is a Ph.D. Candidate in strategic spatial planning & place branding at the Department of Spatial Planning, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

20 September 2015

Educational trip to Berlin: The Institute of Place Management

This 3-day accredited educational trip to Berlin is a combination of site visits, lectures & workshops, meetings with local Place Managers (local partnerships, markets, town centre management, local initiatives, local tourism etc.) and leisure activities.

Do you want to find out how place management, markets, tourism management and place marketing work in Berlin? Do you want to meet local Place Managers? Do you want to earn 1,500 credit points for your professional development? Do you want to learn about the IPM's holistic approach to Place Management?

Attention: limited places (15).

Fee: € 700 (aprox. £ 510) for IPM members
€ 820 (aprox. £ 600) for non-members
Does not include travel to/from Berlin or accomodation


14 September 2015


Next Deadline: 15th October 2015

The editors of the Early Career Papers section are currently seeking submissions of paper proposals for short articles (max. 3,000 words). Contributions are welcomed from any discipline in the field of regional studies or regional science and with any geographical focus. The ‘regional’ dimension may vary from trans-national spaces with fuzzy boundaries to clearly defined spaces at the sub-national level. Authors (and co-authors) can be students or early career researchers that have completed their PhD in the last five years. RSA members are particularly invited to submit a paper proposal for consideration; however, RSA membership is not a prerequisite for submission.  

To submit a paper proposal or for further information regarding any of the above-mentioned points, please contact: Marijana Sumpor, Abstract Manager of the Early Career Papers section, at msumpor@eizg.hr

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