20 July 2015

Regional Studies Volume 49, Issue 9

Just published: Regional Studies Volume 49, Issue 9 - http://bit.ly/1SwKKDk
Original Articles
River of Traffic: The Spatial Fragmentation of US Ports by Cuz Potter - http://bit.ly/1HEeEm0
Interactions in Local Governments' Spending Decisions: Evidence from Portugal by Hélia costa, Linda Gonçalves Veiga & Miguel Portela - http://bit.ly/1CRCOKK
Factors Affecting Regional Productivity and Innovation in Israel: Some Empirical Evidence by Daniel Felsenstein - http://bit.ly/1HKDEG9
On the Cost-Efficiency of Service Delivery in Small Municipalities by Francisco J. Arcelus, Pablo Arocena, Fermín Cabasés & Pedro Pascual - http://bit.ly/1Mfjzgn
An Evaluation of Competitive Industrial Structure and Regional Manufacturing Employment Change by Joshua Drucker - http://bit.ly/1OgZJ2M
From Sub-Regional Networks to Sub-Regional Localism: Experiences of Collaboration in England's Historical Black Country by Steven R. Henderson - http://bit.ly/1fhzhuA
Innovation, Socio-institutional Conditions and Economic Growth in the Italian Regions by Giorgio d'Agostino & Margherita Scarlato - http://bit.ly/1gJODJa
The Future Demand for Industrial Sites in the Netherlands: Is Employment a Good Predictor? by Pascal Beckers & Jan Schuur - http://bit.ly/1KfIL76
The Role of Structural Change in European Regional Productivity Growth by Eoin O'Leary & Don J. Webber - http://bit.ly/1KfIO2F
Are Regions Important in British Elections? Valence Politics and Local Economic Contexts at the 2010 General Election by C. J. Pattie, R. J. Johnston, Mariken Schipper & Laura Potts - http://bit.ly/1Dq10yS
One Share Fits All? Regional Variations in the Extent of the Shadow Economy in Europe by Helmut Herwartz, Egle Tafenau & Friedrich Schneider - http://bit.ly/1CKRxre
Policy Debates Edited by Fiona Wishlade
Indicators for Spatial Planning and Territorial Cohesion: Stakeholder-Driven Selection Approach for Improving Usability at Regional and Local Levels by Ainhoa González, Gavin Daly, Philip Pinch, Neil Adams, Visvaldis Valtenbergs, Malcolm C. Burns & Hjalti Johannesson - http://bit.ly/1CKRyLP