6 July 2015

Journal of Peasant Studies

The Journal of Peasant Studies (JPS) received a 4.5 Impact Factor for 2014 in the latest Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report released on 19 June 2015. It is ranked # 1 in Planning & Development (1/55) and Anthropology (1/83).

To thank JPS authors, peer reviewers and readers, we are offering a selection of recently published and forthcoming titles – free access for a limited time -- only through this URL: 


The themes of the selected free articles are diverse and wide-ranging, including 'farming for Walmart', geopolitics of Brazilian soybeans, African drylands, Brazil's Zero hunger and Bolsa Familia programs, South Africa's agro-food system, global value chains, financialization of agriculture and food systems, New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, gender dynamics in community forestry groups, alternative to industrial farming, United Nations Committee on World Food Security, food sovereignty, agroecology, and flex crops -- covering all regions of the world.

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critical perspectives on food sovereignty, JPS 41(6)
Edited by: Edelman, Scott, Baviskar, Borras, Holt-Gimenez, Kandiyoti, Weis & Wolford
New directions in agrarian political economy, JPS 41(5)
Edited by: Fairbairn, Fox, Isakson, Levien, Peluso, Razavi, Scoones & Sivaramakrishnan

Benedikt Korf