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Constructing regional advantage in place branding

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Constructing regional advantage in branding the cross-border Euroregion Galicia–northern Portugal

Abstract Submission Deadline: Sunday 13th September 2015

Early Career Conference 2015From Early Careers to Established Profiles: Strategies for Success

Regional Studies Volume 49, Issue 9

Just published: Regional Studies Volume 49, Issue 9 -
Original Articles
River of Traffic: The Spatial Fragmentation of US Ports by Cuz Potter -
Interactions in Local Governments' Spending Decisions: Evidence from Portugal by Hélia costa, Linda Gonçalves Veiga & Miguel Portela -
Factors Affecting Regional Productivity and Innovation in Israel: Some Empirical Evidence by Daniel Felsenstein -
On the Cost-Efficiency of Service Delivery in Small Municipalities by Francisco J. Arcelus, Pablo Arocena, Fermín Cabasés & Pedro Pascual -
An Evaluation of Competitive Industrial Structure and Regional Manufacturing Employment Change by Joshua Drucker -
From Sub-Regional Networks to Sub-Regional Localism: Experiences of Collaboration in England's Historical Black Country by Steven R. Henderson -
Innovation, Socio-ins…

Is Urban Planning Having an Identity Crisis?,

Is Urban Planning Having an Identity Crisis?, Professor Gert de Roo, Dep. Spatial Planning, Uni. Groningen clarifies

"Urbanization today is so much more complicated, it requires an approach far beyond trying to make sure the world is nicely dealt with and comfortable, de Roo said. In a future with great uncertainty, planning must be more versatile, adopting multiple methodologies. This involves funky concepts of ground-up, crowd-sourced “self organization” and “spontaneous order,” according to de Roo and other presenters in the session."


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No 10 E-Place branding y diplomacia digital

Coordinadores: Jordi de San Eugenio y Xavier Ginesta. El objetivo de este número especial es fortalecer las comunalidades entre la marca de territorio y la diplomacia pública en la era digital. Hoy en día, los dos campos de investigación son importantes no sólo en el ámbito académico, sino también en el mundo profesional de los asesores de marketing y los gerentes de relaciones públicas. La crisis de los Estados nación proporciona a los actores regionales y locales nuevas posibilidades para promocionarse en todo el mundo, con el fin de atraer nuevos recursos (como el talento, las infraestructuras y el turismo). Y en este contexto, la comunicación digital tiene un papel destacado cuyo fin es encontrar nuevas estrategias para la promoción de los territorios y las regiones en todo el mundo. Por otra parte, en este contexto, los ciudadanos asumen un papel activo en la gestión del territorio. Por ejemp…



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This is not a social event, however it can definitely open the door for several social events around the world :::JOIN AS Student the Regional Studies Association SUMMER OFFER::: Receive 10% discount on the membership rate between 22nd June - 12th July 2015 only. Use code 'SummerOffer2015' to benefit from this discount.…/…/student-membership :::Funding opportunities::: Apply for up to £3,000/up to £10,000 (in 2015 & 2016 only) of renewable Research Network funding to bring people together to discuss key questions in your area of interest; Apply for conference bursaries taking the form of a free conference place at our annual conferences. Precedence may be given to new researchers or those from countries with recognised funding difficulties; Apply for a Travel Grant, which offers up to £500 towards travel costs; Apply for one or more of our annual Awards for a chance to win some of prizes. Apply for up to £7,500 research funding via th…

Bloom Consulting - Portugal City Brand Ranking

Journal of Peasant Studies

The Journal of Peasant Studies (JPS) received a 4.5 Impact Factor for 2014 in the latest Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report released on 19 June 2015. It is ranked # 1 in Planning & Development (1/55) and Anthropology (1/83).
To thank JPS authors, peer reviewers and readers, we are offering a selection of recently published and forthcoming titles – free access for a limited time -- only through this URL:
The themes of the selected free articles are diverse and wide-ranging, including 'farming for Walmart', geopolitics of Brazilian soybeans, African drylands, Brazil's Zero hunger and Bolsa Familia programs, South Africa's agro-food system, global value chains, financialization of agriculture and food systems, New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, gender dynamics in community forestry groups, alternative to industrial farming, United Nations Committee on World Food Security, food sovereignty, agr…
Dutch city to experiment with a universal, unconditional 'basic income'

Professor Cathy Parker - Journal of Place Management and Development Awards for Excellence: Who won and why

All credits-main source
Professor Cathy Parker, IPM - Manchester Metropolitan University

Yesterday, Emerald Group Publishing, publishers of our Journal of Place Management and Development, (JPMD) announced the 2015 awards for excellence across the whole of their journal portfolio. First of all, on behalf of the Editorial Board and Team, I would like to congratulate our JPMD winners listed below. It is not easy to be chosen for one of these awards. As many of our articles have high download figures and citations, we also take into account other factors, especially the contribution of a paper to the aims and objectives of the journal, when we are ju…