17 June 2015

The United States gains a leading position in Bloom Consulting’s Country Brand Ranking

For the fourth consecutive year, the United States of America tops Bloom Consulting’s Country Brand Ranking © 2014-2015 Trade Edition. Global challengers include Asian nations, such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore, alongside well-established European powerhouses, the United Kingdom and France. China (2nd) successfully maintained last year's position, however an honorable mention must go to Singapore (5th), whom climbed a notable 4 places in the ranking. Australia (8th) also witnessed significant improvements and with an increase of 3 positions now finds itself within the global TOP 10. The United Kingdom defended its spot as 3rd in the ranking, whilst Brazil (7th) achieved the most respectable position of the South American nations. This year’s research also showed that the global TOP 25 is largely dominated by European countries (10), along with several Asian nations (8).

Although most countries within the TOP 10 saw an improvement in positions, France and Canada both fell in the ranking as a result of decreases in net FDI inflow. Germany experienced the sharpest decline and dropped out of the global TOP 10.

Please see http://bloom-consulting.com/pdf/rankings/Bloom_Consulting_Country_Brand_Ranking_Trade.pdf for a full version of the ranking and a guide to our methodology.

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