23 June 2015

Now even more reasons to join the RSA

Now even more reasons to join the RSA

2015 is a special year for the RSA as we are celebrating our 50th anniversary!
To mark the occasion, we offer members:

NEW FUNDING SCHEMES (£5,000 Membership Research Grants and £7,500 Fellowship Research Grants) in addition to the existing £10,000 Early Career Grants and £500 Travel Grants. We also increased the funding for Research Networks to £10,000.  

MORE E-JOURNALS FOR MEMBERS Members have now online access to 16 journals. This is in addition to hard copies and online access to the RSA journals: Regional Studies, Spatial Economic Analysis; Territory, Politics, Governance and Regional Studies, Regional Science.  

MORE SAVINGS ON CONFERENCE FEES we have a very diverse events’ programme this year and members can benefit from members’ rates and conference bursaries.
In addition, members can apply to the RSA Awards, benefit from the open networks and collaborations, an expert register and discounted Routledge publications.

For more details on the membership benefits, categories and territorial Bands, please go to www.regionalstudies.org/membership
For a limited time we offer 10% discount on the membership fee if you join between 22.06. -12.07.15. Use code’ SummerOffer2015’ to benefit from this discount. 

Join the RSA family now at