24 June 2015

Call for abstracts

Dear list members,

The Regional Studies Association (RSA) is pleased to let you know that we still accept abstracts for our forthcoming Student and Early Career Conference as well as our China Conference. More details on both conferences are available below.

In addition, we offer currently a 10% discount on the membership fee for anyone who joins the RSA by 12th July 2015.

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RSA Student & Early Career Conference 2015: From Early Careers to Established Profiles: Strategies for Success

9th -30th October, 2015, ICOSS, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Abstract Submission Deadline: 13th September 2015


The Regional Studies Association welcomes submissions of abstracts to our annual Early Career conference, to be held in Sheffield in October 2015. This conference will give early career researchers the opportunity to network, collaborate and socialise with others working in regional studies and related fields. The conference will bring together participants to present and debate their work in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Participants will receive invaluable feedback, new ideas and will learn how to strategically develop and enhance their profiles for career progression. One session will focus on academic change and the job market. Editors of the RSA journals Regional Studies, Territory Politics Governance, Spatial Economic Analysis and Regional Studies, Regional Science will be present.


For more details go to:www.regionalstudies.org/conferences/conference/early-career-conference-2015


RSA China Conference 2015:Harmonious Development, Common Prosperity and the Transformation of Cities and Regions

25th - 27th November, 2015, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st July 2015


The world in which we live is still riven by the effects of the economic crisis that started in 2007 and by a range of unresolved conflicts. The world has however started to change in many ways with in particular the economic rise and/or social progress in emerging economies. A new international architecture for political and economic cooperation is starting to take shape (not without disagreement and conflict in some cases) as new development banks are established by the BRICs and in East Asia, as the European Union expands eastwards, as regional cooperation arrangements evolve and as the United States embarks on a pivot to Asia.

These trends are underpinned by trends in comparative global regional and urban development, and are themselves changing the context in which urban and regional development occurs, posing a set of challenges to which cities and regions must respond.

The aim of this conference is to consider the ways in which (1) cities and regions throughout the world are facing up to and can adapt to these challenges, (2) cities and regions can help create an architecture and construct relationships that can contribute to the development of a world that is more harmonious (people-people and people nature) and capable of promoting common prosperity and (3) the map of economic and social development is consequently changing.

For more details go to:www.regionalstudies.org/conferences/conference/rsa-china-2015


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