13 May 2015

Place Branding Special Interest Group


The Place Branding Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the profession and/or interested in its development.

What does the Place Branding SIG do?

The Place Branding SIG acts as a communication plattform both inside the field and cross-sectorally with other professionals in place management and development.
The Place Branding SIG:
- collects and disseminates information on relevant news in the profession
- informs its members about upcoming events such as conferences, workshops, training etc.
- collects recent literature on place branding (books, articles, reports, case studies etc.)
- offers professional training

How can I contribute to the Place Branding SIG?

As a member of the Place Branding SIG you can contribute by sharing your own news with the community. This includes:
- Recent publications – by yourself or by somebody else
- Your recent work experience
- News on upcomign events – especially if you are the organizer
In short, you can share anything you want with the community by sending an email with your news to ares@placemanagement.org. We reserve the right not to publish information that we consider irrelevant or that serves advertizing purposes.

How can I find out more about Place Branding?

There are several sites that regularly publish Place Branding news. Here is a selecion of some (note: we'd be happy to add more blogs and sites to this list):
  • City Nation Place
  • Nouveau North
  • Place Brands
  • Prof. Cathy Parker's blog
https://profcathyparker.wordpress.com/ A blog on place management, with a lot of relevant information on place branding
  • Places.
http://blog.inpolis.com. A critical geographical blog with several references to place branding
  • The Place Brand Observer
  • Place Branding Factory

Place Branding SIG coordinator: Dr. Ares Kalandides
Contact: ares@placemanagement.org