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UMinho Exec Summer School in Data Analysis

The UMinho Exec Summer School in Data Analysis is a two-week event composed of a selected set of intensive courses. These are designed to enhance methodological skills in data analysis, using widely known statistical packages Matlab, R and Stata. The courses are designed, not only for academic researchers, but also recommended to non-academic staff that needs to explore data in their day-to-day work. Basic knowledge of statistics and econometrics is recommended. The courses will be taught in English. Courses: Statistical Packages – Part I: Stata, by Miguel Portela Regression, Causality and Panel Data – Part I, by João Cerejeira Regression, Causality and Panel Data – Part II, by Miguel Portela Survival Analysis, by Priscila Ferreira Applications of the Continuous Wavelet Transform to Economic Data, by Luís Aguiar-Conraria Statistical packages, Part II: R, by Nelson Areal Financial Market Volatility, by Cristina Amado Statistical packages, Part III: R programming, by Nelson Areal

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Constructing regional advantage in branding the cross-border Euroregion Galicia–northern Portugal is "In the top 5% of all articles scored by Altmetric"

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Publications in journal articles (peer-reviewed) 2015 ·Oliveira, E. (2015)​​​​​, Constructing Regional Advantage in Branding the Cross-border Euroregion Galicia-Northern Portugal​, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 2(1), pp. 340-348. (full text here) ·Oliveira, E. (2015)​​​​​, Place Branding in Strategic Spatial Planning: a content analysis of development plans, strategic initiatives and policy documents for Portugal 2014-2020​, Journal of Place Management and Development, 8(1), pp. 23-50. (full text here) ·Oliveira, E. & Panyik, E. (2015), Content, context and co-creation: Digital challenges in destination branding with references to Portugal as a tourist destination. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 21(1): 53-74. (full text here) ·Oliveira, E. (2015), Place branding as a strategic spatial planning instrument. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 11(1): 18-33. (