13 April 2015

Juggling place assets – Inward investment focus Posted by Samantha North

Here’s the latest guest post by Samantha North for our media partners City Nation Place
The recent survey on ‘The Evolution of Place Branding’ conducted by City Nation Place, discovered that people in charge of place brand strategy for their cities or countries had a recurring problem.
They reported the difficulties often faced when trying to balance vastly different place assets into a consistent ‘umbrella’ brand strategy. To overcome this issue, a core message was needed that would be equally attractive to audiences from both inward investment and tourism, along with other target areas of attraction such as talent and education. But could the assets that appealed to tourists also attract interest from potential inward investors?
To find out more, City Nation Place spoke to three client-side place brand managers, from three very different locations. We aimed to learn more about how they manage to juggle the various elements of their places – with a particular focus on strategies used to attract inward investment.


all credits: Samantha North, editor-in-chief http://placesbrands.com/