27 March 2015

Sharing information is caring

Erasmus+ Programme. It is taking part within the period of 19 to 25 April in Yalova (two hours ride from Istanbul, easily reachable anytime) and aims to create Europe Earth Network, ie sustaining cooperation among the participating organisations. I will be facilitating the training in the first 3 days and I encourage you to help us in building the network.

The contact person for the project is Mrs Kerime Eskiocak (in CC hereto), and the host organisation is GEO: www.en.geo.org.tr . Participants from all EU countries are much welcome and the application deadline is 3 April so hurry up: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/een-europe-earth-network.4863/ .

See you or your friends and peers in Yalova soonest!


Best regards,

Rosen Dimov, PhD
Board President and Director
International Young Professionals Foundation