26 February 2015

Recent publications

Original articles
Oliveira, E.
: Place Branding in Strategic Spatial Planning: 
a content analysis of development plans, strategic initiatives and policy documents for Portugal 2014-2020
​, Journal of Place Management and Development, 8(1), pp. ?-?.​ 

Oliveira, E. & Panyik, E. (2015). Content, context and co-creation: Digital challenges in destination branding with references to Portugal as a tourist destination. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 21(1): 53-74. (Download)
Oliveira, E. (2014), The Tourism Potential of Northern Portugal and Its Relevance for a Regional Branding Strategy, Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research Journal, 2(2): 54-78. (Download)
Oliveira, E. (2014). Place branding as a strategic spatial planning instrument. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, doi:10.1057/pb.2014.12. (Download)

Book chapters
Oliveira, E. (in press): A Strategic Spatial Planning Approach to Cross-Border Place Branding with references to Galicia and Northern Portugal in S. Zenker and B.P. Jacobsen (Eds.), Inter-regional place branding: best practices, challenges and solutions, Heidelberg, Springer. (Buy)

Book reviews
Oliveira, E. (2015). Book Review - Good Cities, Better Places, Journal Urban Studies, 52(1): 197-200. (Download)
Oliveira, E. (2014). Book Review - Reframing the ‘creative city’ through tailored and context-sensitive policies, Journal CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 18(4/5):598-602 (Download)
Oliveira, E. (2014): Book Review - Making Strategies in Spatial Planning-Knowledge and Values, European Planning Studies, 22(4): 885-888 (Download)