19 January 2015

Urban Studies Table of Contents for Special Issue: Geographies of the urban night:

Special Issue: Geographies of the urban night
Ilse van Liempt, Irina van Aalst, and Tim Schwanen
Changing meanings and experiences of urban darkness and nights
Tim Edensor

Jelle Brands, Tim Schwanen, and Irina van Aalst
The evolution of urban night-time economies
Robert Shaw

Jérôme Tadié and Risa Permanadeli
The intensification of regulation
Ilse van Liempt

Jennie Middleton and Richard Yarwood

Phil Hadfield and Fiona Measham
Dynamics in practices of going out
Yolande Pottie-Sherman and Daniel Hiebert

Ben Gallan

Marion Roberts

Phil Hubbard and Rachela Colosi
Phil Hadfield