29 January 2015

The Evolution of Place Branding

A new survey conducted by Populus interviewed 103 place branding professionals in 44 countries online in December 2014 and January 2015.
The Evolution of Place Branding survey, commissioned from research and strategy consultancy Populus by the City Nation Place initiative is designed to identify the challenges, objectives and investment intentions of national, regional and city government-funded strategists tasked with increasing the economic competitiveness of their “place”.
The top priority for Place Branders is the need to set, “clear, measurable objectives for investment in place branding”.  98% of the senior executives responsible for implementing place branding strategy for their city, country or region said that this was an important priority, whilst 26% also said that it was the hardest priority to deliver.
The Evolution of Place Branding Survey also reveals a bullish attitude towards future investment in place branding strategy and a clear recognition that the rise of social media is a game-changer in the ways in which cities, regions and countries communicate with their own citizens as well as with global opinion.
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