15 January 2015

Regional Studies, Regional Science

RSRS call for proposals for short articles from students and early career researchers is open. Please read the guidelines in the call and submit your proposal by February 15 at the latest!


Submission process

Paper proposals should use the following headings, and adhere strictly to the word-limits provided:
  • A title of no more than ten words
  • A summary of the research idea in no more than 40 words
  • An abstract of 150 words
  • Introduction to the problem addressed in the paper (200 words)
  • Background to the case study, and the main empirical evidence offered (200 words)
  • Analysis of key points & messages from the empirical case (200 words)
  • Conclusions and implications for academics, policy and practice (200 words)
  • A short bio (giving institution and date of PhD if applicable)
To submit a paper proposal or for further information regarding any of the above-mentioned points, please contact: Marijana Sumpor, Abstract Manager of the Early Career Papers section, at msumpor@eizg.hr