16 December 2014

Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking (c)

Spain with its strong tourism brand is still reigning as number 1 tourism destination in Europe, followed by European tourism powerhouses Germany, France, Italy and United Kingdom

According to Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2014 Tourism Edition, this year proves to be similar to the previous one which means that the TOP 5 Destination brands in Europe are Spain, Germany, France, Italy and United Kingdom. Spain is still “the one and only” within the Europe region as its powerful reign continues even though the growth is still negatively affected due to the post-crisis period. This year Italy surpassed United Kingdom because of better performance in the social media field by having more followers and likes on different online platforms. Turkey earned the 8th position and made it to the TOP 10. The small alpine countries Austria (6th) and Switzerland (7th) managed to outperform most of the European countries proving that the country’s size is not a determining factor in terms of Country Branding. In addition, international tourists relate European countries mostly to brandtags such as local gastronomy, local traditions, beaches and shopping.

On the link below, you can find the full version of the ranking with the results and methodology:

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