Place branding debate: 2014 in review

Herewith our 2014 contributions to the place branding debate published in a blog edited and curated by Samantha North,

Shifting the tide: city branding in today’s urban planning
In this post I will briefly outline these dominant urban trends and discuss how place branding can bring more creativity, enthusiasm and coolness to urban planning practice.

Scoring goals, building brands
In my last post, I shared my thoughts on country and city brand rankings. Now, I want to debate the entanglements of another competition, the FIFA World Cup 2014.

The winner takes it all: City brand rankings
Despite my academic research on the links between place branding and spatial planning, I’m also an attentive observer of everyday events. Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed the release of a cacophony of city and country brand rankings, brand barometers and nonsensical top 10 lists of something spatially localised.

Colourful logos, dark realities
I want to follow up on my thoughts about the application of branding techniques to places, in particular by highlighting elements often hidden by scholars and misunderstood by practitioners. Nowadays, policy makers and practitioners tend to apply place branding as a ‘magical tool’ to solve everyday challenges. But that application has pitfalls that should be carefully contextualised, not randomly applied.

Thank you for being an attentive reader and an enthusiast commentator 

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