21 November 2014

reblogged - City Nation Place – New Place Branding Survey

PlacesBrands is excited to announce our collaboration with City Nation Place for a new research survey of the place branding industry. 
The goal is to benchmark best practice within the industry, and bring together a diverse range of people and organisations involved in place branding, placemaking, tourism marketing, inward investment, and events management. 
While there are numerous indices published each year for the strongest country brand, the most attractive destination brand or the best cities to live and work in, these do not often help us to understand how to improve place branding strategies.
We’d like to invite you to participate in the survey, which is designed to provide a clearer picture of the priorities and investment plans of your colleagues working on place branding strategies for countries, regions or cities around the world. Whether you are working in government, or for a marketing or promotion board, we are interested in understanding more about your challenges: completing the survey will take no longer than ten minutes. All your responses will be treated as confidential and anonymised data.
  • Are cities, regions and states prioritising collaboration or competition with their neighbours to increase trade, investment and tourism?
  • How are other governments, city councils and regional authorities balancing internal and external communication strategies?
  • How are the best brand leadership teams structured?
  • In which regions of the world will cities, nations and places be planning the greatest investment in a place branding strategy?
Complete the survey before 19 December and we will be happy to share the results of the survey with you, to give you an insight into these questions and many more.
WIN AN IPAD MINI: Once you have completed the survey, you have the opportunity to enter our prize draw to win an iPad Mini, a perfect gift for you or a friend or loved one, just on time for the festive season. 

Take the survey HERE:

CITY NATION PLACE is a new initiative for benchmarking best practice in place branding which will bring together national, regional and city government leaders, heads of tourism and investment boards, heads of trade and those responsible for bidding to host international sporting and cultural events. Joining the discussion will be the public affairs, marketing advisors and consultants who have developed specialist knowledge to ensure that their government clients achieve their key objectives, as well as the media owners who provide the platform for communication of place brands.