14 October 2014

Regional Studies Association Early Career Conference in Sheffield

Dear colleagues attending the next Regional Studies Association Early Career Conference in Sheffield, UK (30th – 31st of October 2014),
Thank you for registering for the Regional Studies Association event in Sheffield. While you are preparing your presentation, we would like to draw your attention to another exciting ***Students & Early Careers Social Event***, organised between 17.00-17.45 (Thursday 30th) dedicated to the
*********Pros & Cons of Publishing in Open Access*********
The event comprises:
***a ‘Warm-up exercise’***
1) The Editor-in-Chief of RSA’s open access Journal – Regional Studies Regional Science – will give you an overall picture of how this open access journal is running;
2) The Editor of the Early Career Section will provide more detail on how students and early careers could benefit from publishing in this open access journal.
***An enthusiastic ‘Debating forum’***
We will open the floor and discuss the ‘pros and cons’ of open access publications.
***And a vibrant and friendly reception***
Snacks and drinks will be provided at the end of the social event. You are more than welcome to follow the conversation of the formal session, networking with other colleagues, or simply enjoy the atmosphere.
Your participation and contribution is the key to the success of our Students and Early Career Social Event. We look forward to seeing you there in this special session.
Sincerely yours RSA,
Julie Tian Miao
(Early Career Representative)
Eduardo Oliveira
(Student Representative)