6 October 2014

26-27 November: Conference on Innovation Procurement

The European Commission wishes the EGTC Platform to be informed about the following event:

On 26 and 27 November 2014 a high level conference on Innovation Procurement will be held under the auspices of the Italian Presidency in Milan that is co-organized by the European Commission and the Lombardy Region/Italy. The aim of the conference is to bring together procurers and key stakeholders from several domains of public interest to discuss possible collaborations and networking in view of the H2020 calls in 2015 on Innovation Procurement.

Public procurement that accounts for some 19% of GDP in the European Union represents an enormous potential market for innovative products and services, offering a powerful leverage for the modernization of public sector and for the competitiveness and growth of the European industry.

In addition, through Innovation Procurement the public sector in Europe has an opportunity to drive Innovation form the demand side with the aim to tackle challenge and to enhance, at lower cost, the public services.

With regard to Innovation Procurement, the Programme Horizon 2020 foresees an eminent role for the EGTCs. As the unique characteristics of that legal entity reflect the European dimension that is necessary for the European projects there is an exception provided for EGTCs that allows them to participate in H2020 Innovation Procurement projects as sole participants. According to H2020 rules a consortium, comprised of at least 3 beneficiaries from 3 different Member States or Associated Countries of which 2 of them should be contracting authorities (as defined by the Procurement Directives) from 2 different Member States or Associated Countries, is required to be formed in order to be  eligible to implement an Innovation Procurement project . However there is an exception for the EGTCs regarding this rule. EGTCs are eligible only as sole participants provided that they meet the above mentioned criteria and they have the responsibility to purchase R&D services or innovative solutions on behalf of the contracting authorities represented by those EGTCs.               
The European Commission strongly recommends the participation to that event to be informed about the unique co-funding opportunities offered to the EGTCs in the framework of the H2020 Innovation Procurement calls. Moreover information will be shared about the synergies between the ESIF and H2020 on Innovation Procurement in view also to the new EU Procurement Directives that facilitate the joint procurements execution in Europe.

Best regards,

The EGTC team