7 September 2014

2014 Masterclasses in Place Management, Marketing and Branding

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2014 Masterclasses in Place Management, Marketing and Branding

Make better places with the latest thinking from experts.

2-4th October 2014

The Institute of Place Management atManchester Metropolitan University is running a series of one day masterclasses, aimed at practitioners, policy makers and place stakeholders who want to access the latest thinking in place management, marketing and branding.

Our masterclasses are delivered by academic tutors and experienced practitioners who are internationally recognised experts in their field.

Priced at just £300 per class, and available in Manchester or remotely, by webinar, the classes represent excellent value for money.  Previous delegates have told us

“IPM’s masterclasses offered insight into how others are applying best practice place management… and into the types of strategies which could engender sustainable and resilient place outcomes” (Urban Design Consultant, Australia).

“Studying place management made me think in greater detail than ever before about how I do my job. I have learnt many new skills which I brought back to my local centre and applied straight away” (Town Centre Manager, UK)

“It was very important for me to confirm that in many countries the problems but also the causes of the degeneration of urban areas are the same and find some new formulas for our cities”.(Policy maker, Cyprus)

The three one-day Masterclasses are:

Place Management — 2 October 2014
What forces shape place change and how should we respond?

Addressing the need identified by the Institute of Place Management to equip place managers with the skills and knowledge to anticipate and adapt to change, this masterclass will explore the political, economic, social, technological and environmental change that affect places, as well as investigating the changing nature of retail and consumer trends.

Led by Professor Cathy Parker, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Place Management and Development, this Masterclass will study the ‘big picture’, urbanisation, globalisation, changing demographics, e-commerce and climate change — as well focussing on as how places react, in terms of their adaptability and resilience as well as their development strategies, including the management of change.

The Masterclass will also explore the development of place management — from its academic roots in geography and business — introducing delegates to key principles, definitions and theories, which will help them understand the practical challenges inherent in managing places, such as the contested nature of place and the importance of concepts such as place attachment.

Finally, the skills and behaviours of successful place managers will be scrutinised, enabling delegates to plan their future professional development in the area, to help ensure they have the right skills and knowledge to manage place change.

Book online

Location : Sandra Burslum Building 1.01

Place Marketing — 3 October 2014
How do we capture the distinctiveness of places and communicate effectively?

As part of the drive by the Institute of Place Management to equip place managers with the skills and knowledge to develop places that meet the needs of users and promote uniqueness, this Masterclass will explore the development of place marketing — from simple place promotion to place co-creation.

Led by Ojay McDonald, an Associate Lecturer in Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University and an experienced place communications expert, the importance of social media and public relations in place marketing will also be covered as well as the development and curation of digital place identity. Practical support in social media strategy development and PR will be on offer.

Co-delivered by Professor Cathy Parker, a range of urban and rural place marketing practices will be deconstructed, allowing delegates to critically evaluate the impact place marketing has on places, both positive (e.g. inward investment and resident satisfaction) and negative (e.g. commodification and gentrification). A critical appreciation of place marketing is crucial if places want to communicate distinctive benefits and reduce the risk of producing standardised or divisive place imagery.

Book online

Location: New Business School, Postgraduate Seminar Room 2

Place Branding — 4 October 2014
What works best in place branding?

Responding to the global trend to use place branding as a tool for place improvement, the Masterclass in Place Branding will be led by Dr Ares Kalandides, an internationally renowned expert on place branding.

The Masterclass will explore the development of place branding within an economic development context, introducing delegates to key concepts such as place hierarchy and power.

This Masterclass will also cover practices such as reputation management whilst taking a critical look at KPIs and place league tables. Finally, a number of place branding case-studies will be explored, enabling delegates to understand what works in place branding.

Book online

Location: New Business School, Postgraduate Seminar Room 2

The masterclasses form part of our postgraduate awards so delegates can also choose to register for the Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) or Master of Science (MSc) in Place Management.

The workshops will run from 10-4 at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK.

Please contact us directly if you would like to participate by webinar so we can check you have the necessary equipment before you register online.

If you wish to discuss the masterclasses or qualifications please contact the Course Leader Professor Cathy Parker c.parker@mmu.ac.uk

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