9 July 2014

Regional Studies Association Winter Conference: Sustainable Recovery? Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy

Regional Studies Association Winter Conference, November 27th- 28th, 2014, Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, London, UK
Call for Papers
The Regional Studies Association would like to announce the high calibre of plenary speakers secured for the RSA Winter Conference, to be held on November 27th – 28th. Please submit your abstract (no more than 400 words, text only) by 18th August, 2014 via the online registration portal. 
Thursday 27th November, 2014
Friday 28th November, 2014
Opening Plenary Session: 
Professor Ron Martin, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Philip McCann, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Panel Session: 
Chair, Professor Martin Jones, University of Sheffield, UKPanellists: 
Professor Gillian Bristow, Cardiff UniversityUK
Professor Henry Overman, London School of Economics, UK
Professor Nancey Green Leigh, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics, UK
Election Pamphlet Panel Session:
Professor Andy Pike, Newcastle University, UK
Professor Ron Martin, University of Cambridge, UK
(Further details to be confirmed)
Closing Plenary:Amy Glasmeier, MIT, USA
Professor Michael Storper, London School of Economics, UK, Sciences-Po, France and UCLA, USA

For further information please visit www.regionalstudies.org/conferences or email Elizabeth Mitchell

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