Forthcoming RSA conferences Forthcoming Regional Studies Association conferences

Forthcoming Regional Studies Association conferences

6th October, 2014 - 9th October, 2014
OPEN DAYS 2014 University Master Class (ODU-MC) on EU Cohesion Policy- Brussels, Belgium

30th October, 2014 - 31st October, 2014
Regional Studies Association Early Career Conference 2014 - Sheffield, UK

27th November, 2014 - 28th November, 2014
Sustainable Recovery?  Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy - London, UK

24th May, 2015 - 27th May, 2015
Global Growth Agendas: Regions, Institutions and Sustainability - Piacenza, Italy

NOTE: We have a number of bursaries available for some of this conferences. Please check the link if you are interested

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