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Place branding as a strategic spatial planning instrument

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Place Branding and Public Diplomacy , (30 July 2014) | doi:10.1057/pb.2014.12 ARTICLE TOOLSSend to a friendRequest PermissionExport citationRISMODSEndnoteBibTexWord 2007 Place branding as a strategic spatial planning instrumentEduardo Oliveira Abstract Places are facing major challenges at the environmental, financial and economic levels. These crucial issues demand structural changes and emphasise the need for robust strategic thinking and active instruments that shape and frame what a place is and what it aims to become. As traditional planning instruments become markedly less effective, spatial planners are required to develop new instruments that cope more effectively with the challenges they face in an unbalanced, dynamic and complex environment, while at the same time addressing the social, spatial and economic needs of a place. Place branding has been used to foster economic restructur…

What do countries really mean when they say “We need a brand”?

What do countries really mean when they say “We need a brand”?JUL 22 Posted by  Meet Jose Filipe Torres, one of the best-known country branding practitioners in the world. We had an opportunity to pick his brain on the most pressing issues related to place branding. We asked, he answered. Candidly… This is the first installment of a three-article interview series with Jose Filipe Torres. Without further ado let’s turn to Jose and hear what he has to say…

Digital challenges in destination branding with references to Portugal

Content, context and co-creation: Digital challenges in destination branding with references to Portugal as a tourist destinationEduardo Henrique da Silva Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of GroningenEmese Panyik Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal Abstract Content generated by tourists, travellers, professional travel bloggers and travel journalists who post, comment and share information on social media channels is arguably the greatest digital challenge of destination branding today. The tourist-/traveller-generated content is likely to generate brand value if integrated into the destination branding strategy. There is, however, a lack of theoretical awareness and empirical research into the role of social media content in shaping destination brands. By taking Portugal as a case study, this exploratory research is aimed to show how content analysis can be used to identify and understand the way tourists and travellers perceive the …

Forthcoming RSA conferences Forthcoming Regional Studies Association conferences

Forthcoming Regional Studies Association conferences

6th October, 2014 - 9th October, 2014
OPEN DAYS 2014 University Master Class (ODU-MC) on EU Cohesion Policy- Brussels, Belgium

30th October, 2014 - 31st October, 2014
Regional Studies Association Early Career Conference 2014 - Sheffield, UK

27th November, 2014 - 28th November, 2014
Sustainable Recovery?  Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy - London, UK

24th May, 2015 - 27th May, 2015
Global Growth Agendas: Regions, Institutions and Sustainability - Piacenza, Italy

NOTE: We have a number of bursaries available for some of this conferences. Please check the link if you are interested

CALL for PAPERS: Regional Studies Association Conference 2015

Regional Studies Association Conference 2015  Global Growth Agendas: Regions, Institutions and Sustainability - Piacenza, Ital Conference detailsAbstract submission deadline: Friday 30th January 2015 We have a number of bursaries available for this conference you can find more information here We welcome proposals for special sessions, themed workshops and innovative forms of networking and collaboration. If you would like to organise a session at the conference please use the special session cfp template located in Related Documents. Read More

Great idea

Food truck with a difference: Converted bus brings fresh produce to low-income neighbourhoods Tuxedo Court, Mornelle Court, Neptune Drive, Old Meadow Lane: deserts, all. Don’t be fooled by lush lawns, trees and access to fresh water; in a food desert, the mirage is the place selling inexpensive, fresh produce among the fast-food outlets and overpriced grocery chains. Trying to assemble ingredients for a good, healthy salad, or filling a pot with enough veggies to feed a big family without breaking the bank, is next to impossible here and, unfortunately, a city as big as Toronto has plenty of them. MORE RELATED TO THIS STORYInspired by the ties between health, architecture and neighbourhoods Hate crowds? Head for these subway stops How a fly-in community gets fresh food – without …

Regional Studies Association Winter Conference: Sustainable Recovery? Rebalancing, Growth, and the Space Economy

Regional Studies Association Winter Conference, November 27th- 28th, 2014, Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, London, UK
Call for Papers The Regional Studies Association would like to announce the high calibre of plenary speakers secured for the RSA Winter Conference, to be held on November 27th – 28th. Please submit your abstract (no more than 400 words, text only) by 18th August, 2014 via the online registration portal. Thursday 27th November, 2014 Friday 28th November, 2014 Opening Plenary Session:
Professor Ron Martin, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Philip McCann, University of Groningen, Netherlands Panel Session:
Chair, Professor Martin Jones, University of Sheffield, UKPanellists:
Professor Gillian Bristow, Cardiff UniversityUK
Professor Henry Overman, London School of Economics, UK
Professor Nancey Green Leigh, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics, UK Election Pamphlet Panel Session:
Professor Andy Pike, Newcastle University, UK

The Tour de France has come to the UK

The Tour de France has come to the UK On the 5th July, the grand depart of the Tour de France will be taking place in Leeds, Yorkshire here in the UK. This will be the 101st Tour de France and it will be made up of 21 stages covering a distance of 3,656 kilometres.
To celebrate the Tour de France, we have added new content to our fantastic collection of cycling articles and all are still available to access for FREE. Access over 100 free articles, special issues and books from the past 5 years, with subthemes covering Cycling in the City, Planning for Cycling, Sustainable Transport, Cycling for Leisure, Competitive Cycling, Improving Performance, Scientific Research into Cycling, and Drug Use in Cycling. Simply click here to start reading! Let us know what cycling means to you @routledgegpuusing #cyclingmeans

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Leah StanleyRoutledge Planning & Urban Journals

Even for people who have no spiritual beliefs, a peaceful mind is important.


ESOMAR has been a great source of inspiration to me after my participation as student facilitator during the unforgettable ESOMAR Congress in Montreux in Switzerland and the ESOMAR Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Actually I still using that super cool environmental friendly bag.



The Regional Studies Association Early Career Conference 2014


High Street UK2020: 50 years of change - 10th July (9am - 1pm)

This is a quick message to invite you to a free half-day conference at Manchester Metropolitan University on Thursday 10th July to discuss recent work on High Street UK2020.  The event will be from 9am - 1pm at the Business School (Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6BH), but will also be streamed live over the internet to allow our international colleagues to join in the discussion. Together we will investigate:

1. The major forces of change that impact on the High Street.
2. What change can be managed at a local level.
3. Strategies for repositioning, reinventing, rebranding and restructuring the High Street.

Please register for FREE here -

Programme: 0900 – 0930 - Coffee/tea and registration
0930 – 1000 - Factors that influence High Street change and identifying priority action areas – Simon Quin, Institute of Place Management
1000 – 1030 - Understanding High Street change and forecasting the future for your High Street – Cathy Parker, Manchester Metropolitan University

from Spain to Portugal in less than a minute.

THRILLSEEKERS have a new way of travelling internationally - with a zipline that takes holiday-goers from Spain to Portugal in less than a minute. The attraction is the first - and currently only - zipline that transports users across an international border. Passengers board in Sanlucar de Guadiana in Andalucia, Spain, before whizzing down the line at around 50mph and landing across the Guadiana River in Alcoutim, Portugal. And thanks to time zone differences between the two nations, the 60 second journey will see the zipliners travel back in time one hour.

The Regional Studies Blog: From RSA student member to RSRS Early Career Paper...

The Regional Studies Blog: From RSA student member to RSRS Early Career Paper...: This is a guest post by  the Regional Studies, Regional Science  Early Career Paper – Editor and Abstract Manager   Dr. Marijana Sumpor, Fe...

How countries are using the World Cup as a nation-brand booster - or otherwise

In my last post, I shared my thoughts on country and city brand rankings. Now, I want to debate the entanglements of another competition, the FIFA World Cup 2014.
At first glance one can critically ask – is this another contribution to the massive debate on football? I’d like to reassure readers that I don’t plan to talk all about football, as my knowledge of that is rather weak. Instead I want to discuss another competition taking place in the shadows of the World Cup – a competition of 32 national images.
In the field of World Cup studies, Stuart Jeffries from The Guardian kicked off with a critical parallel discussion in A critical theoretic Marxist dialectical analysis of the World Cup song. Jeffries convincingly states that the song ‘is a brilliant critique of the ideology on which the World Cup, and indeed any purportedly unifying global sporting event, rests’.
As argued elsewhere, sporting, cultural and other entertaining events cannot create high impact on places if they are not…