11 June 2014

International Workshop on Resilience - just do it - Governing for resilience in vulnerable places

International Workshop in Groningen on October 9-10, 2014. 

'Resilience - just do it?! Governing for resilience in vulnerable places'. 

You can find the call for abstracts in the attachment. 
There is no conference fee. 

More information, for example on the key note speakers and the tracks, you can find on this website: 

The deadline for abstracts is June 27th

You are cordially invited to participate. 

What the workshop is about:

The term ‘resilience’ has remarkably quickly gained currency in academia as well as in practice and is nowadays widely promoted as a promising concept to deal with shocks and uncertainties in the face of environmental, social and economic crises. However, there remains ‘an apparent gap between the advocacy of socio -ecological resilience in the scientific literature and its take-up as a policy discourse on the one hand, and the demonstrated capacity to govern for resilience in practice on the other’ (Wilkinson 2012: 319). The international workshop ‘Resilience: Just do it?!’ aims to bring the resilience discussion a step forward: from ‘defining’ resilience to ‘doing’ resilience – from concept to action while keeping a critical lens on ethical, social and political issues at stake. The further aim is to bring researchers and practitioners with different (levels of) expertise together to discuss the ways they conceptualize and use resilience. The international workshop ‘Resilience: Just do it?!’ provides space for both, making a start with ‘doing’ resilience as well as critically discussing it and is therefore divided into two interconnected parts: 1) a more practice -oriented field trip and interactive working sessions part and 2) a theory-oriented presentation and discussion part.

You can find more information on the webpage

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