13 June 2014

Atlantic City of the Year 2015

Atlantic City of the year 2015

For the second consecutive year, the CAAC has the honour to organize the contest of the Atlantic City of the year. This honorary award, won by Brest Métropole Ocèane in 2014, aims to reward the efforts undertaken by the Atlantic cities in the five areas of action defined in the Charter of San Sebastian:
-Environmental excellence
-Innovative and sustainable economic development
-The cohesion and the social mix
-The common identity of the Atlantic cities
-The development of a more ambitious and effective cooperation
Due to a late organization of the CAAC 2014 General Assembly this year, the cities of the Atlantic arc, implementing exemplary policies on these topics, have an extra-time that is till the 31th of August 2014, to send us their aplication.
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The initiative intends to create awareness about the uniqueness of these territories and to encourage excellence and innovative solutions. Cities located in the Atlantic Arc have until the 31th of August to apply. 
Last year Brest Métropole Océane was chosen Atlantic City of the Year 2014.