13 June 2014

2nd Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places

2nd Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places
27th – 30th April 2015
Connecting People and Places
The Symposium will be held over 4 days on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. 
The theme of this symposium reflects the increasing quest for authenticity in tourists’ experiences, both from a supply and demand perspective. Issues of ‘connecting’ people and places therefore become important for place managers and marketers, for a wide range of tourism-related businesses, and also for tourists themselves. 
The Symposium will explore the ways the tourism product can be created, communicated and delivered in order to increase authenticity through experiential consumption. There is also therefore likely to be a major focus on the way social media is used by DMOs to engage with and connect with a wide range of stakeholders, and also the way tourists increasingly take control of their connections to places through social media. A key recurring feature of this Symposium is the recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of place branding, marketing and management, the multi-dimensional nature of places and need for co-operation between stakeholders. Once again, this symposium will therefore focus on the creation, development and implementation of coherent and appropriate responses to these issues that lead to effective place management, marketing and branding decisions, and which particularly involve the interaction between academics and practitioners.
Papers may present the results of empirical studies, case studies, or ideas from works in progress. Authors should submit a 1000 word abstract electronically to Dr Heather Skinner at info@corfusymposium.com no later than 28th November 2014.
Submission of 1000 word abstract 28th November 2014
Decision on acceptance 9th January 2015
Final deadline for Registration 27th February 2015