8 April 2014

Symposium: ‘Universities of the 21st century: For infinity’ (12 June)

Symposium: ‘Universities of the 21st century: For infinity’ (12 June)

On the occasion of its 400 years anniversary the University of Groningen will organize a symposium dedicated to the theme: “Universities of the 21st century: For infinity”
For this symposium national and international partner universities are invited as well as Groningen university staff and students. Delegations of the prestigious Coimbra Group, the European network of comprehensive research universities will be present.


Three keynote speakers will address the conference theme from the perspective of education and innovation, while taking into account labour market issues, globalization and other societal needs. This will be followed by workshops on important current topics in teaching and learning, for instance MOOCs, blended learning, international classroom, collaborative learning, campus building etc.


Registration for this conference will be open from 1st May onwards.
Participation in the conference is free. Cancellation is possible until June 6. For late cancellations and no-show, a fee will be raised of €50.

read more / source: http://myuniversity.rug.nl/infonet/medewerkers/actueel/announcements/symposium-universities-of-the-21st-century