24 April 2014



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Articles (under review)

 Oliveira, Eduardo (under review).  “Constructing Regional Advantage: A Joint Cross-Border Branding-Strategy for Galicia-Northern Portugal”.  Early Career Papers - Regional Studies, Regional Science.

Oliveira, Eduardo (under review). The tourism potential of northern Portugal: towards a place branding strategy to support a strategic change”.
Advances in Tourism and Hospitality Research.

Articles (revised version submitted)

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Oliveira, Eduardo (revised version submitted). “Content, context and co-creation to approach digital challenges in destination branding with references to destination Portugal”. Journal of Vacation Marketing.

As co-author

Kalan, Arezou and Oliveira, Eduardo (under review): “Sustainable architecture of the Bazaar of Tabriz and its relation with the social and cultural aspects: what keeps the place so dynamic?” International Journal of Sustainable Architecture.