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The Creative Class Goes Global

The book "The Creative Class Goes Global" received excellent reviews. P. K Kresl, emeritus, Bucknell University in CHOICE described it as: "A must read for anyone interested in urban studies and economic development. Summing Up: Essential." - More information on the book at less

Congratulations to Charlotta Mellander, Richard Florida, Bjørn T. Asheim & Meric Gertler

The Planning System of the Iberian Peninsula: Past, EU Integration, EU Cohesion Policy and Cooperation

Book Review ongoing

A great book by Sir Peter HallPeter Hall aims to argue that there are five basic challenges that call for new approaches, new powers and new investment mechanisms:
Rebalancing our urban economies Building new homes  Linking people and places  Living with finite resources  Fixing the broken machinery 
A book review written by Eduardo Oliveira, RUG will be published by Urban Studies

The II fieldwork journey have been completed

I'm happy to see concluded a successful week of field work. From Monday March 17 till Friday 21 I conducted in depth interviews wilt Northern Portugal actors. The results of the 10 talks will be published in my PhD thesis by the end of 2015. Before that at least 2 papers will highlight the main findings.
A special thanks goes to CCDRN, Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal, Associação Textil de Portugal, e ADRAVE.

Great field work journey around Northern Portugal (blog post soon)


Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2013

Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2013 is now released! 

For the first time a global ranking measures the “search engine” appeal of countries in the fields of Tourism and Investment. The Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking © 2013 is based on global research that measures, among other variables, the number of searches produced every year by potential tourists and investors about every nation.

Good Cities, Better Places by Peter Hall


Cross-border Place Branding

Cross-border Place Branding: Zooming in the potential case of Galicia and Northern Portugal

The Selfiest Cities in the World

20th APDR Congress

20th APDR Congress
University of Évora, Évora (Portugal), 10-11 July 2014
Theme of the Congress:Renaissance of the Regions of Southern Europe
Abstract Submission Deadline: March 30, 2014
Results of the review process will be communicated to authors by approximately: April 14, 2014

Member Regional Studies Association

Dear Eduardo Oliveira
Welcome to the Regional Studies Association and thank you for joining our community. This email represents confirmation of receipt of your order. Details of your order are shown below for your convenience.
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The Regional Studies Association works with its international membership to facilitate the highest standards of theoretical development, empirical analysis and policy debate of issues at this sub-national scale, incorporating both the urban and rural and different conceptions of space such as city-regions and interstitial spaces. We are, for example, interested in issues of economic development and growth, conceptions of territory and its governance and in thorny problems of equity and injustice.

Nordic Place Branding Conference 2014 takes place on 23 April in Stockholm

The future of retailing: from local challenges to global opportunities

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Call for Papers Retail International Conference, Braga, Portugal ”The future of retailing: from local challenges to global opportunities”
The Retail International Conference,, under the title The future of retailing: from local challenges to global opportunities is to be jointly organised by the University of Minho and the Chamber of Commerce of Braga.  It will be convened in 19-20 September 2014, venue GNRation, in Braga. It is a unique event which brings together academics and professionals, whilst envisaging to give special emphasis to the major challenges that commerce faces, as well as the role this sector plays on the agenda of the sustained economic and social growth in Portugal and in Europe. In order to make this event as comprehensive as possible, its thematic component focus upon the context of the ongoing  strong economic restructuring in Portu…

Urban Studies

Cross-border Place Branding: Zooming in the potential case of Galicia and Northern Portugal

Cross-border Place Branding: Zooming in the potential case of Galicia and Northern Portugal from Eduardo Oliveira

Presentation during the Interregional Place Branding Conference, Lubeck, Germany

by Eduardo Oliveira
Cross-border Place Branding: Zooming in the potential case of Galicia and Northern Portugal