Urban Studies Table of Contents for March 2014; Vol. 51, No. 4

Oleg Golubchikov, Anna Badyina, and Alla Makhrova

Devajyoti Deka

T. William Lester

Lingqian Hu

Tatjana Ibraimovic and Lorenzo Masiero

Su-Jan Yeo and Chye Kiang Heng

Cecilia Pasquinelli

Pamela Lenton and Paul Mosley

Rebecca Tunstall, Anne Green, Ruth Lupton, Simon Watmough, and Katie Bates

Gary Painter and Zhou Yu

Fenne M. Pinkster

Eric Heikkila and Ying Xu
Book reviews
Rowan Ellis

Jeffrey Lauer

David Gordon

Thorben Wieditz
Books received

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