7 February 2014

Top 10 articled downloads for 2013. Journal of Place Management and Development.

Top 10 articled downloads for 2013. Journal of Place Management and Development.http://www.emeraldinsight.com/products/journals/journals.htm?id=jpmd

1. My city – my brand: the different roles of residents in place branding by Erik Braun, Mihalis Kavaratzis, Sebastian Zenker.

2. My place is not your place – different place brand knowledge by different target groupsby Sebastian Zenker, Suzanne C. Beckmann.

3. Places going viral: Twitter usage patterns in destination marketing and place brandingby Efe Sevin.

Slum tourism, city branding and social urbanism: the case of Medellin, Colombiaby Jaime Hernandez-Garcia.

5. International positioning through online city branding: the case of Chengdu by Emma Björner.

6. A study on the delivery of city branding advertisements in China: City branding advertisement on CCTV, 2007-2010 by Wen Chunying.

7. The business of place: critical, practical and pragmatic perspectives by Ares Kalandides.

8. Developing a collective capacity for place management by Tore Omholt.

9. University students’ needs and satisfaction with their host city by Andrea Insch and Benjamin Sun.

“Are you happy here?”: the relationship between quality of life and place attachment by António Joaquim Araújo de Azevedo, Maria João Ferreira Custódio and Fernando Pereira Antunes Perna