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Conference on Interregional Place Branding 3 March 2014 Lübeck, Germany

Strategic Spatial Planning approach to Cross-border Place Branding Zooming in the potential case of Galicia and Northern Portugal

Regional Studies Association highlights

We have extended the deadline for the Call for Papers for the European Conference 2014 until the 17th March 2014 - The RSA European Conference 2014 will be held at Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey between 15-18th June 2014 - Call for papers:

The Future of Our Cities – Green or Brown by Jörgen Eriksson


Do we want to live in green or brown cities in the future? Do we want smaller communities and living space close to nature or do we want dense urban environments? This is a very relevant question for todays place managers. We in Bearing have recently been in a discussion about the potential to retrofit the inner city of a capital in Europe, and this made me keep my eyes and mind open for the dialogue of possibilities out there in the current public debate. This week I came across an interesting speech on the topic. As more than half of the world population now live in urban areas and as most media images of the future show Blade Runner-esque dense urban landscapes with no sunlight, no plants and kilometre tall buildings, the future of our cities is a very relevant question. At the same time in reality cultural protection and cost issues are a major challenge for redevelopment. In a TED talk in Vilni…

Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe 2014

CITIES – Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe

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On behalf of the European Commission and all of those involved in the
organisation of the CITIES - "Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe" -
Forum, we would like to thank you for attending and making it a successful event.
Pictures of the Forum are downloadable on flickr and you 
can revisit the sessions via the webstreaming links in the agenda.  
Presentations, speeches and reports of the workshops 
will be uploaded on the Forum website.

Your opinion counts!

Why do we need an EU urban agenda? What should it be? How should it work? 
Please share your views on an EU urban Agenda via our on-line
form that will be open until Tuesday March 4th. 
Please also let us know your opinion about the forum itself. 
Was it useful? What things can we improve? 
Use the same on-line form.

Yours sincerely,

Event Secretariat 
CITIES – Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europ…

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Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies Vol 26 (3 Issues in 2014) Edited by: Tatsuaki Kuroda, Phillip McCann and Ryohei Nakamura Print ISSN: 0917-0553Online ISSN: 1467-940X Published on behalf of Applied Regional Science Conference

Papers in Regional Science Vol 93 (4 Issues in 2014) Edited by: Roberta Capello Print ISSN: 1056-8190Online ISSN: 1435-5957 Published on behalf of Regional Science Association International Impact Factor: 1.541

Cities of Tomorrow

Very grateful for the opportunity to attend Cities of Tomorrow conference by looking forward for new developments

Cities of Tomorrow at EU Commission


READY: Cross-border Place Branding Zooming in the potential case of Galicia and Northern Portugal

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"Making Strategies in Spatial Planning—Knowledge and Values"

Dear author, We are pleased to inform you that your article "Making Strategies in Spatial Planning—Knowledge and Values" has been published on Taylor & Francis Online. It is available at:

Marketing Theory Table of Contents for March 2014; Vol. 14, No. 1


Best For Profit Think Tanks

Best For Profit Think Tanks

1. Economist Intelligence Unit (United Kingdom) 
2. McKinsey Global Institute (United States) 
3. Google Ideas (United States) 
4. Ernest & Young (United States) 
5. Deutsche Bank Research (Germany) 
6. Oxford Analytica (United States) 
7. Eurasia Group (United States)
8. Booz and Company (United States)
9. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal)
10. Stratfor (United States)

Progress in Human Geography Table of Contents for February 2014; Vol. 38, No. 1

Urban Studies Table of Contents for March 2014; Vol. 51, No. 4

Top 10 articled downloads for 2013. Journal of Place Management and Development.

Top 10 articled downloads for 2013. Journal of Place Management and Development.

1. My city – my brand: the different roles of residents in place branding by Erik Braun, Mihalis Kavaratzis, Sebastian Zenker.

2. My place is not your place – different place brand knowledge by different target groupsby Sebastian Zenker, Suzanne C. Beckmann.

3. Places going viral: Twitter usage patterns in destination marketing and place brandingby Efe Sevin.

Slum tourism, city branding and social urbanism: the case of Medellin, Colombiaby Jaime Hernandez-Garcia.

5. International positioning through online city branding: the case of Chengdu by Emma Björner.

6. A study on the delivery of city branding advertisements in China: City branding advertisement on CCTV, 2007-2010 by Wen Chunying.

7. The business of place: critical, practical and pragmatic perspectives by Ares Kalandides.

8. Developing a collective capacity for place management by Tore …

I am happy to be featured 3 times in 1 week

I am happy to be featured 3 times in 1 week. Love being a writer. today via Nation&Place Branding Projects papers, news, projects, resources Curated by Viorel MIHAILA