30 December 2013

TOP 5 most-read articles on PlacesBrands of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, here’s our run down of the top five most-read articles on PlacesBrands this year. 

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As 2013 draws to a close, here’s our run down of the top five most-read articles on PlacesBrands this year. In reverse order:

5. The case of the bankrupt city and lessons to be learned from it. We present the Japanese city of Yubari, which pulled itself back from the brink using a pragmatic and imaginative approach.

4. Can cities set examples for each other to follow? A comparison of twinned cities St. Petersburg and Barcelona finds out how this might work in practice. Moscow-based author Viola Serdyukova suggests that the Russians could take a few hints from the Spanish.

3. We know all about the benefits of improving brand images for countries and cities. But what about the somewhat thornier suggestion of branding a supra-national body, namely the European Union? Can it be done? What are the high points and pitfalls? Guest contributor Lidija Globokar delves into the details.

2. Like many industries, tourism has been profoundly affected by the digital age. But how can we use the new tools most effectively to promote and ‘brand’ our places? Do we continue to ‘shout’ our brand messages from the rooftops, using traditional marketing methods. Or do we turn to more social means to make our places stand out through word of mouth alone? Do we shout, or use hashtags?

1. It’s easy to talk theoretically, but nothing beats real-life examples. In the most-read post of 2013, deputy editor Eduardo Oliveira presents a selection of case studies. Covering a diverse range of places, Eduardo analyses their approaches to branding. He discusses what’s effective and what could be improved. Essential reading!

It’s been a great year for PlacesBrands. We’ve produced consistent and regular content, developed and expanded our audience, discovered new guest contributors and even changed our entire design a few times. Thanks to everyone who’s been involved so far and here’s hoping 2014 will be even better! Best wishes for the new year.