Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert

Urban Studies Online Table of Contents Alert
A new issue of Urban Studies is available online:
December 2013; Vol. 50, No. 16 
The below Table of Contents is available online at: http://usj.sagepub.com/content/vol50/issue16/?etoc

Equity in the City: On Measuring Urban (Ine)quality of Life
Marco Brambilla, Alessandra Michelangeli, and Eugenio Peluso
Urban Stud 2013;50 3205-3224

Intergenerational Housing Support Between Retired Old Parents and their Children in Urban China
Bingqin Li and Hyun Bang Shin
Urban Stud 2013;50 3225-3242

When and Why Do Landlords Retain Property Investments?
Gavin A. Wood and Rachel Ong
Urban Stud 2013;50 3243-3261

The Spatio-temporal Clustering of Green Buildings in the United States
Nikhil Kaza, T. William Lester, and Daniel A. Rodriguez
Urban Stud 2013;50 3262-3282

Can Sustainability Enhance Business District Attractiveness? A Survey of Corporate Property Decisions in France
Ingrid Nappi-Choulet and Aurelien Decamps
Urban Stud 2013;50 3283-3304

Imagine all the Neighbours: Perceived Neighbourhood Ethnicity, Interethnic Friendship Ties and Perceived Ethnic Threat in Four Nordic Countries
Antti Kouvo and Carita Lockmer
Urban Stud 2013;50 3305-3322

Ethnic Group Population Change and Neighbourhood Belonging
Nissa Finney and Stephen Jivraj
Urban Stud 2013;50 3323-3341

Down These Mean Streets: An Analysis of the Local Public Discourse on Antisocial Behaviour in Disadvantaged Urban Neighbourhoods in the Netherlands
Joanne van der Leun and Monique Koemans
Urban Stud 2013;50 3342-3359

Viva la Raza! A Park, a Riot and Neighbourhood Change in North Denver
Sig Langegger
Urban Stud 2013;50 3360-3377

Decisions to Renovate: Identifying Key Determinants in Central and Eastern European Post-socialist Countries
Andreja Cirman, Srna Mandic, and Jelena Zoric
Urban Stud 2013;50 3378-3393

What Drives the Spatial Development of Urban Villages in China?
Pu Hao, Pieter Hooimeijer, Richard Sliuzas, and Stan Geertman
Urban Stud 2013;50 3394-3411

Urban Neoliberalism with Islamic Characteristics
Ozan Karaman
Urban Stud 2013;50 3412-3427

The Città Abusiva in Contemporary Southern Italy: Illegal Building and Prospects for Change
Federico Zanfi
Urban Stud 2013;50 3428-3445

Shared Space and the Post-politics of Environmental Change
Rob Imrie
Urban Stud 2013;50 3446-3462

Book Review Article
Post-socialist Cities and Urban Studies: Transformation and Continuity in Eurasia
Helen F. Wilson
Urban Stud 2013;50 3463-3471

Book Reviews
Book Review: Post-cosmopolitan Cities: Explorations of Urban Coexistence
Urban Stud 2013;50 3472-3474

Book Review: Unlearning the Colonial Cultures of Planning
Urban Stud 2013;50 3474-3476

Books Received
Books Received
Urban Stud 2013;50 3477-3478

Urban Stud 2013;50 3479-3480

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