5 November 2013

Opening of the University of Groningen Centre for Entrepreneurship

When:Th 21-11-2013

The University of Groningen increases its focus on entrepreneurship. Recently professor Aard Groen is appointed as Dean of University of Groningen Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center will set up a Entrepreneurship College that will offer courses on entrepreneurship open to all students. The Center will also offer training programmes to support start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs.
Time and location: November 21, 17.00-19.30 pm, Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringestraat 19, Groningen.
Registration (free admission): http://www.rug.nl/entrepreneurship-registration


16.30-Registration, Coffee and Tea
  • Professor Sibrand Poppema, chairman of the Board of the university
    ‘Greater Focus on entrepreneurschip’
  • Professor Aard Groen, Dean of the University of Groningen Centre for Entrepreneurship centre, Innovation, entrepreneurship and UCGE
  • Roel Pieper, IT Entrepreneur: Role of Entrepreneurship & Innovation for wealth creation: why would you have to learn about that?
  • Entrepreneurship College Tour met Aard Groen, Roel Pieper, Mark Vletter of Voys, Elwin Stevelink of Neonsplash and Jordy Oosterveld of Fonkysales.
18.45-Networking opportunity and Buffet

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