12 November 2013

Eduardo Oliveira (recent publications)

 Oliveira, Eduardo (2013). “Making Strategies in Destination Branding: What is the online tourism promotional material saying about Portugal?”, Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Issues and Challenges in Tourism, 3-5 October, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey [ISBN 978-975-518-354-1]. http://www.academia.edu/5071812/Making_Strategies_in_Destination_Branding_What_is_the_online_tourism_promotional_material_saying_about_Portugal 

 Oliveira, Eduardo (2013), The Digital Challenge in Destination Branding: Brief Approach to the Portuguese case”, Conference Proceedings of the International Tourism Week Conference Series V - New Trends in Tourism Management and Marketing, 15th and -16th  of April, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey [ISBN 978-605-4483-14-3]. http://www.academia.edu/5072097/The_Digital_Challenge_in_Destination_Branding_Brief_Approach_to_the_Portuguese_case