26 November 2013

Brand USA: Global Viewpoints

by Rob Wolfe – CONNECTED Brand Management and Marketing

Following the 2008 U.S. presidential election, I posed the following question to colleagues from branding-related groups on LinkedIn: Which component of the USA brand do you think currently needs our greatest attention: core values, personality, or positioning?

As we then experienced the historical inauguration of Barack Obama—a dramatic turning point and a new opportunity for the United States to market its brand identity, I thought it was an appropriate time back then to share these insightful, provocative and emotional responses representing five different nations.
Now that five years have passed, I’d like to revisit those comments and re-consider those thoughts on the branding of the USA, and ask ourselves the following questions:.

Do these sentiments about the USA brand still hold true today?

Have we addressed any of the issues or brand concerns raised back then?
Where should our attention be focused TODAY in cultivating the USA Brand?
Perspectives from across the globe following the 2008 U.S. presidential election:

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